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BOOKS and VIDEOS to Support your HEALTH

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Armageddon of the Mind
A New Beginning.
A new Book by Ted J. Cibik…
begin your Journey…


Dare to ask the questions.

What if the reality that you knew were challenged?

What if tomorrow upon arising there was a new beginning for you ….what would it be?

What if fear was replaced with optimism in your life?

Then…What would be in your life and what wouldn’t ….
Who would be in charge?


$19.95 USD

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Qigong Relaxation
DVD by Ted J. Cibik…

This beautiful video takes you step by step through an effective qigong purging and healing routine.


The video intro explains the negative effects of stress on the body, and coaches your through a daily practice that will benefit your life in many ways.



$24.95 USD

 To order








Asthma QiGong

DVD by Ted J. Cibik…

This DVD is appropriate for anyone with asthma, panic attacks, breathing disorders, or anyone who breathes improperly – even due to pain. Filmed on glorious Carmel River beach, this qigong exercise routine offers a beautiful escape from everyday life. T

The exercises on this DVD are simple to perform, gentle on the joints and will stimulate blood and oxygen flow to the entire body.     



24.95 USD 

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"Air Passages: Surviving Asthma Naturally"

by Ted J. Cibik

Appropriate for anyone with asthma, allergies or immune disorders.

This information packed book educates you on:  How the pH level in your body affects your breathing and your sensitivity to pain, How Medical QiGong may be the answer for Asthma and allergies in the 21st century, What techniques to do when you are in pain, The dangers of Albuterol and Prednisone,  Chinese herbals in the treatment of asthma and allergies, Exercise prescription for asthmatics, Supplements shown to alleviate breathing disorders of all types, Meditation and prayer for asthmatics, How to control asthma attacks without medication, How to eliminate allergens in your home, How to breathe to your maximum potential, and much more!

$19.95 USD

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"Inner Strength: Mind Body Spirit Fitness Journal"

by Ted J. Cibik

An inspirational journal to record your daily activities, exercise, foods, moods, medications, supplements, and blood readings. For anyone interest in improving their physical being. Hard core athletes to medically challenged individuals. 

Includes sample exercises, motivational thoughts and much more.

$12.95 USD

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