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Thank you for considering us as a part of your Health Care Team!

At Inner Strength, Inc. we consider our role on the team as health coach and treatment provider. Your choice to pursue health means a commitment on your part as well. Our goal is to guide and teach you a lifestyle of health, while providing traditional naturopathic and Chinese medicine therapies to support your body to restore optimal performance and health.

Initial Appointment:

Each new client is encouraged to schedule a comprehensive 2 hour initial consult ($195) with Dr. Cibik. This comprehensive consult includes an extensive health history review, Chinese medicine diagnostic assessment, homeopathic review and remedy considerations, ph and dietary review, stress management protocols and initial herb, nutritional  and therapy recommendations. This time may also include a treatment as well.

It is best to come prepared to your initial visit by completing the new patient questionnaires this can take 1 hour, so make the time to be as thorough as possible.

Unlike other physician offices, you are the only patient scheduled for your time slot. Please be prompt, and plan to arrive at least 10 minute ahead of time.

Additionally prior to your appointment, be sure to complete all consent forms, and bring or have your other doctor offices fax (724-845-7739) any lab or diagnostic testing results you have had performed on your search for health answers.

Consult time with Dr. Cibik serves to provide you the opportunity to explain your health history and ask any questions. Dr. Cibik will spend the time necessary to consult all your body systems and their current levels of imbalance, which is the root of all health issues.

At completion of your appointment time, Dr. Cibik may recommend  follow-up services and any supportive herbs you need.


While we at Inner Strength are your health coaches and treatment providers, staying on the road to good health is not a magic Chinese pill or only pressing on an acupoint. We will ask that you participate in your healing process through a variety of means. This could include a stress management program such as meditation, tai chi or qigong or an exercise routine that allows you to move and release stress; a nutritional eating plan, a change to your current lifestyle to limit health impacting activities. Our treatments are effective, and for long lasting results, YOU are the key player on this team.


On going treatments and number of follow up visits depends on the amount of time you have had a condition. The long you have been affected, the more time the body may take to return to a balance condition.

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Appointments are best scheduled by calling our office at 724-845-1041.


Normal office hours are

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am till 5 pm.


If we cannot answer the phone when you call, we are assisting other clients at that time; please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Optionally, you may send an email with your contact information and best times for an appointment.


Our office staff will review the email information and contact you to get you started.



We understand that situations occur that treatments need to be cancelled. Since we schedule our appointments one on one, with that time set aside just for you,  we appreciate as much lead time as possible when an appointment must be rescheduled. Please read our cancellation policy fully on the initial consultation packet that we will send you.

We understand that extenuating circumstances exist. Any appointment cancelled and rescheduled on the same day will be gracefully considered on a per-case basis.


It is requested that at the time of re-scheduling a deposit on services equal to the appointment amount is made by check to file until services are rendered. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING.


We reserve the right to charge for missed sessions or those cancelled  without a 24 hour cancellation notification.




Currently, Inner Strength does not participate in any group insurance plan. We will happily provide you with receipts for your treatment here, that you may submit to your insurance company if they recognize naturopathic services. You may also be able to be reimbursed through your flexible spending plan.


Inner Strength accepts cash, checks and money orders.


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